We’ve moved

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Aug 262014

Dear reader, Please note that The Vaccine Times has now moved to a WordPress hosted blog, http://vaccinetimes.wordpress.com/.  Please update your bookmarks. All the content and comments have been migrated. Should you notice any issues on the new site please do not hesitate to email vaccinetimes@gmail.com. Thank you.

Help keep the Vaccine Times Online

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Sep 242012
Help keep the Vaccine Times Online

Hi, It’s that time of the year again: Bluehost wants some money to keep the site going; can’t blame them really, unlike us they’re a for-profit business. Yet, we aren’t and from time to time, we turn to you to help us survive, stay online and keep the information available for parents looking for answers. As such, we have started a ChipIn campaign to raise funds for our next year of web hosting. The total needed is modest and we are sure that with small contributions from a number of individuals we can reach our goal. Please consider helping us ———->FULL ARTICLE

Aug 212011

Dear pro-health friends, When we first started The Vaccine Times quarterly publication almost  a year ago, we had big ambitions of growing the print publication, and reaching parents through their pediatrician’s office. Four issues later, countless hours of work between myself and my two co-editors, it is time we take a step back to evaluate the project objectively. The outcome of that evaluation does not look very good. In fact, my analysis of how far we’ve reached in the last 10-11 months has lead me to decide to stop, at least for the time being, making the quarterly Vaccine Times ———->FULL ARTICLE

The print copies

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Apr 182011
The print copies

The print issues that ***you*** made possible through your tremendous generosity have arrived. I wanted to take a few minutes to express my gratitude to all of your who helped us reach this milestone. The editorial team spends a lot of time and effort in putting the Vaccine Times together, and being able to print it, and hold the end result of all that work in our hands is quite fantastic. We will put these copies to the best use we possibly can. They will be sent out to individuals who have it within their means to help our project ———->FULL ARTICLE

Apr 012011
How we know anti-vaxers don't care about science

We in the pro-health community hold this truth to be self-evident: anti-vaxers know vaccines are evil and no evidence will persuade them otherwise, because they rarely, if ever, care about the science. As evident as that is to us however, we are aware that it is mostly an impression that we get based on the anti-vaxers’ way of debating the issue, things like: how low they set the bar for themselves and how astronomically high they demand the bar for the other side, their general mistrust of anything or anyone that disagrees with them (a.k.a. conspiratorial thinking), their belief that ———->FULL ARTICLE

Mar 302011
Pro-health website of the day - Vaccines.gov

I have become aware of a spanking new, fantastically informative website from the US Department of Health and Human Services, titled simply vaccines.gov. I did a quick perusal of it today, and I can assure you I will be referring to it more and more as it seems to contain lots of important information about both the vaccines and the diseases they protect from, in a very nice layout. Want one handy feature? How about their “When should you be vaccinated” one? You pick your age range and it gives you a nice chart with all the vaccines you should ———->FULL ARTICLE

ChipIn for the next issue

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Mar 142011

Dear pro-healthers, As you may have noticed I have placed a “ChipIn” widget on the top of the right sidebar. The purpose is to raise funds to make the print Vaccine Times a reality with the next issue. The goal is to raise $300 which will cover printing and shipping costs for about 25 copies of the Times. Because we have received some money outside of the widget, that total has been reduced to more accurately reflect what is left to be raised. Please give us a hand, by  either donating or by giving us a shout-out on Twitter, Facebook, ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jan 252011
Introducing "The Vaccine Times Research Team" Google Group

I am in need of assistance with various research projects. If you want to do more than just consume skeptical, pro-health material, but do not want to invest all the time that maintaining a regular blog requires, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. I will from time to time, throw out a topic for the group to research. There will be no assignments to particular members; every person will choose if they want to work on the specific question and how much time and effort they are willing to put on each project. What I am looking for ———->FULL ARTICLE