Oct 272011
How Do We Know That Herd Immunity Exists?

The term “herd immunity” elicits strong responses from some in the anti-vaccine camp. Perhaps some do not like the use of the word “herd” because of its association with sheep, or other such animals that do the bidding of their herders. Or perhaps, and this is my belief, it is because the very idea of herd immunity rests upon the premise that vaccines are effective at stopping disease progression, and vaccine efficacy is one of the major things anti-vaxers deny. Many times they demand proof that herd immunity exists. In and of itself, that request is not unreasonable. After all, scientific proof ———->FULL ARTICLE

What’s in that vaccine?

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Aug 032011
What's in that vaccine?

One of the things that worries parents more than anything else about vaccines is what exactly is in the vaccine. Generally speaking a vaccine contains the antigen, the part of the virus or bacteria that is meant to induce the immune response, a solution in which it is suspended, generally a saline solution, and “other stuff”. The antigen could be a dead germ, part of a germ, a protein from the germ etc. The other stuff is generally what the “green our vaccines” crowd worry about. Fortunately you can know with certainty what this other stuff is. The CDC has ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jul 292011
Hepatitis B - Why vaccinate if it is a sexually transmitted disease?

*** I had writen this entry over a year ago, and am re-posting it since yesterday was World Hepatitis Day. A common question about vaccines has to do with Hep B and goes like this: Heb B is a sexually transmitted disease. Why am I vaccinating my newborn for it? This is not a question without merit, and a very good question to ask. Parents should always be encouraged to seek more information. So, in this entry I will try my best to scour the web for information and come up with a good answer. It is true that Hep ———->FULL ARTICLE

There is no antifreeze in vaccines

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Feb 122011

How many times have you heard Jenny McCarthy demand that antifreeze be removed from vaccines?  J.B. Handley boldly claims that the flu shot contains antifreeze. I mean who can disagree with that: antifreeze is something you pour inside your car, in a special container under the hood, you don’t inject that into babies. What monster ever decided that it was a good idea to add it to vaccines? Turns out, the monster does not exists, because there is no antifreeze in vaccines. How do we know that there is no antifreeze in vaccines? Well, let’s see, first, there is no ———->FULL ARTICLE

Can the immune system be boosted?

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Feb 102011

And,  if possible is that something one should try? Now a days there are a multitude of products out there that claim to “boost your immune system”. Do they work? More importantly, can the immune system be “boosted” at all? Would such a “boost” be a desirable thing ? In a recent episode of Skeptoid, Brian Dunning tackled this very issue. The podcast transcript can be read here. Brian points out one very important thing to keep in mind: it is wrong to think of the immune system as something that gets better the “stronger” it gets. The immune system ———->FULL ARTICLE

Oct 152010

This is a legitimate question to ask: if vaccines work in preventing diseases, why do we say that unvaccinated children are a danger to the vaccinated ones? There are many reasons why unvaccinated children pose a risk to vaccinated children. Here I will go over the main ones: There are many children that cannot be vaccinated, for various reasons such as an autoimmune disease, allergies, or simply being too young to have received the vaccine. These children have no protection against the disease. If they are exposed to it through an unvaccinated peer, they are at risk of suffering and/or ———->FULL ARTICLE

Sep 122010

A recent BBC article, warns parents about the use of so-called homeopathic “vaccinations” instead of real vaccines. Homeopathy is the belief that super-dilutions, to the point where not even a single molecule of the active ingredient is likely to remain,  of whatever causes the disease, will cure the same disease. For example, if coffee makes it hard to sleep, a super-dilution of coffee, to the point where it is basically just the water used to dilute it will cure insomnia. Leaving aside the merits of homeopathy as a whole, I can see how someone may think that homeopathic “vaccinations” are just like ———->FULL ARTICLE

May 112010

Are parents forced to vaccinate their children? Are vaccines mandatory in the U.S.? This is a question that worries many parents, and it is a claim that is made very confidently by many in the anti-vaccine crowd, and it appears the answer is yes, and no.  The CDC has a recommended immunization schedule that most pediatricians follow.  That schedule is not mandatory and many parents work with their pediatricians to come up aith alternate schedules, even though they may be going against their pediatrician’s advice when they choose to do that. Nevertheless, we don’t live in isolation in a mountain ———->FULL ARTICLE