Aug 022010

An outbreak of polio in Tajikistan has been halted thanks to vigorous vaccination efforts by 1,000 teams of doctors and nurses. The effort took three months to bear fruit, and was sponsored jointly by USAID and the Tajikistan Ministry of Health. The outbreak infected a reported 430 people, with 19 fatalities,  before it was brought under control. The most recent round of vaccinations was conducted on 15–19 June . Preliminary data report coverage of 99.3, with coverage higher than 97% reported from all regions and in the groups aged 0–6 and 7–15 years. Correspondingly, no new cases of infection have been ———->FULL ARTICLE

Apr 302010

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT THE SEATTLE TIMES DUSHANBE, Tajikistan — Health officials in Tajikistan will start a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Saturday in response to the first outbreak of the disease in the Central Asian country in over a decade. Tajik deputy Health Minister Azam Mirzoyev said 32 cases of polio have been confirmed including one fatality, and the World Health Organization said it was testing more than 100 other suspected cases. The polio cases were among 171 people who had acute flaccid paralysis since January in the southwest of Tajikistan, including the capital, Dushanbe, WHO spokeswoman Sona Bari ———->FULL ARTICLE