Nov 112011
Dr. Mallika's 5 Fast Facts: Why Kids Need the Chickenpox Vaccine

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT EVERYDAY HEALTH Here, five reasons to skip the pox pops and parties and get your kids vaccinated: Getting the chickenpox vaccine is much safer than getting the disease. Many parents wonder whether it’s better for their child to get infected with chickenpox or to get the vaccine, and there really should be no question. The vaccine, which is given in two doses at least three months apart, usually around age 1, is made up of a weakened version of the virus that cannot cause full-blown disease. Adverse reactions are the exception, not the rule — and when they do occur, ———->FULL ARTICLE

Flash News – 01/28/11

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Jan 282011

Studies show rotavirus vaccine very effective in reducing rotavirus related, and all-cause, diarrhea hospitalizations rates – Twelve studies published as a special supplement in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal show sustained declines in hospitalizations due to rotavirus in children under 5 in countries that include rotavirus vaccines as part of their routine immunization programs. More specifically they show the following: El Salvador – rotavirus hospitalization rates years declined by 81%  in 2008 when two-dose rotavirus vaccine coverage was 50% among newborns. The decline was about 69% in 2009 when the two-dose vaccine coverage grew to 61% among newborns Mexico – there ———->FULL ARTICLE

Aug 132010
Vaccine Preventable Death - Michael Kokegei

Age at death – 7 years Cause of death – Reaction to chickenpox virus Vaccination status – Unknown Summary – On Friday, October 16, 2009 Michael was behaving normally. Later that day his parents had to perform CPR on him, after a severe reaction to the chickenpox virus caused him to have a seizure and cardiac arrest. Michael was flown to The Children’s Hospital, Westmead, but died on Sunday afternoon. Sources Express Advocate