Why do we vaccinate?

Is it true that unvaccinated children never get autism?

Can one get sick even if they are fully vaccinated?

Why should I vaccinate for polio if the disease hasn’t infected anyone in the US for decades?

If contracting the disease naturally creates immunity, why should I vaccinate my child?

I hear some vaccines contain mercury called thimerosal. Isn’t mercury toxic? Doesn’t that mean vaccines will be toxic to my child?

Some people say that vaccines caused autism in their children. Is that true?

I hear that some vaccines have aborted fetus cells in them. Is that true?

What are the most common side effects of vaccines?

What are some of the less common side effects of vaccines?


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  3 Responses to “F.A.Q.”

  1. http://factsnotfatasy.com/vaccines.html has the answers to these questions if you care to borrow them. :)

  2. A causal statement is a strong statement to be proven. However, a strong linkage exists between MMR, MMR components, and Autism. While some general studies may not show linkage because they are taken across a wide population, when the studies focus on the at-risk populations, linkages and possible causality exist. Given the intense financial pressure to subdue such information, readers should read with caution any study that summarily dismisses a lack of causality but also must not jump to conclusions not supported by the facts. For more facts see http://english2016.wordpress.com/mmr-and-autism http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/vsd/mmrv.htm
    http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/vis/downloads/vis-mmr.pdf paying particular attention to the warning that some people “should NOT get the MMR” (those high risk groups including those with autoimmune disorders.) Note: Baby eczema can be an indicator of autoimmune allergic reactions. http://childhealthsafety.wordpress.com/2009/07/05/wakefieldreplicated/ which does a more thorough analysis than the cursory search of literature mentioned in your post.

    • Dear English desk, it is true that some people should not get the vaccine if they are already sick with certain autoimmune disorders, but I think you’re getting confused. They’re referring to people that are already sick, how do you go from that to “a strong linkage exists between MMR, MMR components, and Autism”?

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