Mar 062012
126 Children Victims of Measles in Yemen

Tragic news reach us from Yemen: at least 126 children have died from measles since mid-2011 due to a breakdown in basic health services as a consequence of political troubles. The Yemeni government has asked for international assistance with a vaccination campaign that will begin in the hardest-hit regions in early March. The latest numbers (February 2012) show a total of 3,767 confirmed cases resulting in 126 deaths, since mid-2011, for a death rate of 1 in 30 infected. 70% of infections, and all of the 126 deaths, were in children under 5 years of age,  an age-group group that is ———->FULL ARTICLE

May 202011

On top of all the other problems that measles outbreaks cause, monetary costs can also be quite significant. As the recent outbreak in Utah shows, relatively small outbreaks (in terms of overall numbers) can cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with. The Utah measles outbreak cost $130,000 and 3,000 work hours to contain. At the end 9 people were infected, 184 were put in voluntary quarantine for up to 21 days. As bad as that is, it pales in comparison to the 2008 Arizona outbreak. That outbreak started when an infected Swiss traveler visited one hospital. By ———->FULL ARTICLE

Apr 082011

A measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has sickened over 21,000 and killed at least 210, it is being reported. 106 of the dead are being reported to have been children. A massive Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) aid campaign has been underway since September 2010. Over 1.5  million children have been  vaccinated so far, but it appears the epidemic is still spreading. The outbreak seems to have started sometime mid-year in 2010 and has been spreading ever since. Unfortunately, the vaccination efforts don’t seem to have slowed down its spread yet. According to Gaël Hankenne, Medecins ———->FULL ARTICLE

Flash News – 04/07/2011

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Apr 072011

Private Virginia school temporarily closes down due to whooping cough outbreak – A Virginia private school (Blue Mountain School) that does not require parents to provide vaccination proof for its students has been forced to close down for the week due to a pertussis outbreak. At least 30 people, including 23 of its 45 students, have come down with the disease. All the infected children were unvaccinated. According to Virginia law, schools and day care centers have to keep documented proof on file that children have received the  immunizations as recommended by the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and ———->FULL ARTICLE

Mar 302011
Minnesota Measles Outbreak Update

A Measles outbreak is underway in Minnesota. As of 03/30/11 there have been 14 cases, 11 unvaccinated and 3 unknonwn, of the disease, as reported by the Department of Health of Minnesota. Situation Update (3/30/11) There have been 14 confirmed cases of measles reported in Minnesota. Thirteen of the cases have been linked to a case that acquired infection in Kenya and one case acquired infection in Florida. Cases have ranged in age from 4 months to 51 years old. Five of the cases were too young to receive vaccine, six were of age but were not vaccinated, and three ———->FULL ARTICLE

News Flash – 03/23/11

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Mar 192011

Flu kills 40 in Georgia – The country of Georgia has recorded 40 flu victims this flu season; 29 of the fatalities were due to the swine flu, whereas the other 11 were due to the A and B subtypes. At this time, the vaccination status of the victims is unknown. Measles outbreak in Minnesota – 9 children have been infected with measles with Minnesota all under 4 years of age. To compare, a total of 6 cases was reported in this area over the 5 year period 2005-2010. Four of the infected children are unvaccinated, at least 3 of ———->FULL ARTICLE