Oct 012012
ABC calls out lazy reporting by other media outlet

In a, what has become rare, example of good health-related journalism, ABC’s Mediawatch has aired a scathing, no-holds-barred critique of the “balanced reporting” many so-called news outlets lazily resort to, in order to appear as if they’re doing what they are supposed to. Click here to watch the clip and share it on your social networks.

Apr 012011
How we know anti-vaxers don't care about science

We in the pro-health community hold this truth to be self-evident: anti-vaxers know vaccines are evil and no evidence will persuade them otherwise, because they rarely, if ever, care about the science. As evident as that is to us however, we are aware that it is mostly an impression that we get based on the anti-vaxers’ way of debating the issue, things like: how low they set the bar for themselves and how astronomically high they demand the bar for the other side, their general mistrust of anything or anyone that disagrees with them (a.k.a. conspiratorial thinking), their belief that ———->FULL ARTICLE

How low can Meryl Dorey go?

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Jan 162011
How low can Meryl Dorey go?

Unfortunately, this is not the latest dance craze in the club scene, but it is the latest craze to come out of Meryl Dorey’s mouth, or fingertips to be precise. A recent news story out of Australia tells of a father who took the mother of his daughter to court over the mother’s refusal to vaccinate their child. The judge felt the evidence provided by the father was convincing whereas the evidence provided by the mother against vaccination were “outlandish statements unsupported by any empirical evidence“, you know the kind of stuff the anti-vax folks love to pass around. When ———->FULL ARTICLE

Oct 302010
If they get confused over the word "pandemic" how much can you really trust their advice?

- As we all know, when the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) influenza started spreading across the globe,  a lot of preparation took place to stop it from spreading, yet it still did. The World Health Organization declared it a pandemic in June 11, 2009. Luckily, the toll in human lives of this pandemic was quite mild, given our worst expectations. That is a good thing, especially for the anti-vaccine advocates who have jumped at the opportunity to blame anyone and everyone involved in the preparation and prevention efforts of fear mongering. “You told us a lot of people could get ———->FULL ARTICLE