Aug 102011
The Vaccine Times Apr-Jun 2011 Issue

Dear Friends, Welcome to the new issue of The Vaccine Times, the quarterly pro-health publication, for parents, by parents. You can access the latest issue by clicking the picture to the left.  As usual, this issue was first shared with those who have chosen to share their e-mail with us, by joining our mailing list. We are now publicly releasing the current issue. Please consider adding yourself to our free mailing list. All we ask for is your full name and e-mail address. In this issue you will find a special, 6 page Measles section focusing on the latest worldwide measles ———->FULL ARTICLE

Apr 072011
The Vaccine Times Jan-Mar 2011 Issue

Dear pro-healthers, We’re proud to share with you the 3rd issue of  The Vaccine Times, the Jan-Mar 2011 issue. Please click the picture below to get the PDF. What’s new? Many exciting developments have occurred since the last issue was published. Here is a short list of the biggest ones. Facebook Page A fan page has been set up on Facebook. Click the icon and check it out. You’re here already, which means you like us; so why not head on over to Facebook and *like* our page. We want to keep in touch, and the Facebook page is a ———->FULL ARTICLE

The Vaccine Times Oct-Dec 2010 Issue

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Dec 242010
The Vaccine Times Oct-Dec 2010 Issue

Hello dear friends; The Vaccine Times team would like to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. It is with great pleasure that we share with you the brand new, second issue of The Vaccine Times (Oct-Dec 2010). Please click the image below to download. Your continued help and support is still needed Over the past few months we have received a lot of support from friends, such as yourself, in the pro-health community. Interest in our publication has been fairly high and the feedback has been positive. We are extremely happy to inform you that we have surpassed 100 free ———->FULL ARTICLE

Nov 012010
Vaccine Times July-Sept 2010 Issue redesigned

- Dear Friends, I am happy to share with you the newly redesigned first issue of The Vaccine Times. As you will see, this version has been completely revamped, thanks to the tireless work of @GeekyJules, a.k.a Julia Sherred, who has done a fantastic job  with the design and layout of the paper. Please help Helping with the project couldn’t be any easier. Step 1 – Click the blue “Join the e-mail list” button on the right and add your e-mail to The Times mailing list. We need numbers; with large numbers comes leverage with prospective customers who may be ———->FULL ARTICLE

Introducing The Vaccine Times

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Oct 102010
Introducing The Vaccine Times

- LAST UPDATED 10/21/2010 For a while now, I have been hinting at a Super Secret Project I’ve been working on. It is finally time to unveil the secret. I give to you the first issue of  The Vaccine Times, a quarterly newspaper-like publication, for parents, by parents. The goal is to get The Vaccine Times in front of as many parent eyeballs as possible. Nevertheless, that is not an easy task. Most parents don’t read skeptical blogs, or follow skeptics on Twitter. After much thinking, I’ve come up with the strategy that I think offers me the best chance ———->FULL ARTICLE