Oct 272011
How Do We Know That Herd Immunity Exists?

The term “herd immunity” elicits strong responses from some in the anti-vaccine camp. Perhaps some do not like the use of the word “herd” because of its association with sheep, or other such animals that do the bidding of their herders. Or perhaps, and this is my belief, it is because the very idea of herd immunity rests upon the premise that vaccines are effective at stopping disease progression, and vaccine efficacy is one of the major things anti-vaxers deny. Many times they demand proof that herd immunity exists. In and of itself, that request is not unreasonable. After all, scientific proof ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jul 282011
The Greater Good - fair and balanced documentary or deadly propaganda?

There’s a new documentary coming soon. It’s called The Greater Good, and it purports to take an objective, rational perspective on the issue of vaccine safety. According to the description provided below its trailer on YouTube, the film looks… …behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today. The film re-frames the emotionally charged issue and offers, for the first time, the opportunity for a rational and scientific discussion on how to create a safer and more effective vaccine program. Although we cannot review the movie itself since we have only the trailer to ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jul 232011
The worst misconceptions parents of some unvaccinated children hold

The other day, as I was catching up on my vaccines Google Alert, I ran across a blog entry titled The Worst Things People Say About Unvaccinated Kids over at a website called Babble. In this article, the author lists what she considers to be the 5 worst things other people, presumably parents of vaccinated children, say about unvaccinated children, and she   provides rebuttals to these assertions. I am a bit torn about how to properly respond to this entry, as there is some truth to what the author says. For example , she points out that being told that ———->FULL ARTICLE

Argumentum ad TVum

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Jun 242011
Argumentum ad TVum

One of the stranger arguments made by vaccine critics over the years references an episode of the television sitcom The Brady Bunch where the kids came down with measles. The argument goes that because measles was treated as just a minor inconvenience for the family and not a life and death struggle on the show, it demonstrates medical authorities warning the public of serious risks from measles are nothing but alarmists using fear-mongering to increase vaccine sales for Big Pharma. This Brady Bunch argument seems to originate with a tweet from leading vaccine critic Jay Gordon and has been repeated ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jun 022011

The anti-vaxers’ ability to find real doctors to support their particular brand of quackery is admirable: think Dr. Jay Gordon, Andrew Wakefield and countless others. Someone I was not previously aware off joins the illustrous ranks; we are  introduced to Dr. Russell Blaylock M.D. In a recent tweet, Meryl “I’m not anti-vaccine I’m pro-safe-vaccine even though vaccines=rape” Dorey linked to an article ominously titled “If You Are In Support of Vaccinations, Read This If You Dare“, published at thehealthy- economist.com. Now, how could I be expected to resist a dare from thehealthy- economist? I had to read. As the first ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jun 012011

The latest blog by Generation Rescue’s J.B. Handley posted over at Age of Autism has inspired me to create a drinking game. The piece is a long rant against David Gorski titled, Dr. David Gorski’s Unique Brand of Moronism. Here are the rules of the drinking game, which while designed for this particular article, should probably fit any Handley article: 1. Drink every time Handley uses an ad hominem argument 2. Drink every time Handley acknowledges he’s using an ad hominem but then still treats it as if it’s a legitimate argument anyway. 3. Drink every time Handley suggests the ———->FULL ARTICLE

May 122011
J. B. Handley and the unkept promise

UPDATE 05/17/11 -  There has been an update to this story. Go here to read the latest development. Credibility is everything, especially if you are at the head of an organization that purports to uncover wrongdoings on the part of the government, doctors, scientists, nurses, pharmacists, journalist, you, I, anyone and everyone in the pro-health community. Nothing undermines credibility more than lack of integrity, lack of an ability to keep one’s word. That ability is what distinguishes the man from the child, the reasonable from the unreasonable, the credible from the  untrustworthy. In some cultures, there’s nothing that is associated ———->FULL ARTICLE