Aug 122011
Vaccine Preventable Death - Gavin Norton

Age at death – 10 weeks Cause of death – Pertussis (whooping cough) Vaccination status – Unvaccinated due to young age What happened – When Gavin was born his parents felt “absolute joy — just elation.” Unfortunately that was not meant to last. Gavin was taken away from them by the dreaded killer, whooping cough. When Gavin was 2 months old, the Nortons planned a vacation to celebrate Christmas with family in Utah. To be safe, Gavin’s mom, Natalie, took him to his doctor for a general check up. Gavin was given the green light for the trip. About a ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jan 282011

Jenny McCarthy is always talking about all the parents that know vaccines caused their children’s autism. She said on Larry King Live that parent’s anecdotes are scientific evidence. Well, Jenny allow me to present you with some more “scientific evidence”. Yes, there are parents of autistic children who have lifted themselves above the “must blame something/someone” phase, have educated themselves and have accepted the fact that we don’t yet know what causes autism. There are many more parents like the one below who do not think vaccines had anything to do with their children’s autism, but the incentive to speak out is ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jan 122011
Vaccine Preventable Death - Lana Ameen

Age at death– 3 years Cause of death-H1N1 (Swine flu) Vaccination status – Unvaccinated Synopsis – Lana developed symptoms over Christmas and was gone within 48 hours. She had not been vaccinated for swine flu. Her story can be read at The Guardian. Here are some excerpts: She developed what appeared to be a cold on Christmas Eve and was prescribed cough medicine, but woke screaming in the night with a high temperature. Her parents took her to hospital, where she was diagnosed with an infection. Doctors brought her temperature down and sent her home. On Christmas Day she appeared ———->FULL ARTICLE

Aug 312010

I must warn readers that the following video is very sad; you won’t be able to watch it to the end with dry eyes. Age at death – <2 months Cause of death – Whooping cough (pertussis) Vaccination Status – Unknown; highly likely he was unvaccinated due to young age (first pertussis dose is administered at 2 months) What happened – Landon Carter Dube was born on December 8th, 2009. He was three weeks early; weighed in at 6 lbs 6 ounces and was 18 ½ inches long. On January 15th he  went in for his 6 week check up ———->FULL ARTICLE

Jul 202010
Parents Speak Out - Aleshya Garner

I first read Aleshya’s, and her son’s Peyton, story at Dana McCaffery’s Facebook page. What happened to Peyton and Aleshya, highlights the importance not only of vaccinating children and adults, but also the importance of adult booster shots, disseminating the right information to parents, but even more importantly that doctors themselves need to be more aware and vigilant about this disease. Words cannot describe how important her questions and her plea for awareness and action are.  I contacted Aleshya and asked for permission to share their, fortunately, happy-ending story here at Vaccine Central. She gracefully agreed and without further ado, ———->FULL ARTICLE

May 052010
Why we changed our minds and started to vaccinate.

READ THE ORIGINAL ENTRY AT SKEPARENT How is it that an anti-VAX family could become not only pro-VAX, but vaccination advocates? It happened because of one word. Evidence. We are both naturally minded parents (believing strongly in co-sleeping, breastfeeding, home births and baby-wearing) and evidence based parents. It’s not always easy but we try to always keep an open mind and allow our opinions to change as new and better research and evidence comes to light. Occasionally the two conflict but in the end, facts and evidence always win. In 2005 we were pregnant with our first child. Another couple ———->FULL ARTICLE