Jan 022013
Whooping Cough Kills 13 babies in the UK in 2012

13 infants have died of whooping cough in the UK between January 1st and October 31st, 2012, preliminary data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) shows, nearly doubling  the number of fatalities from all of 2011. No deaths have been recorded in November, although an additional 1,080 confirmed cases of infections were recorded bringing the total number of laboratory confirmed cases in the UK and Wales to 8,819 for the calendar year 2012 (through November). The real incidence number is very likely to be higher, especially keeping in mind that data for December is not yet available. The number of fatalities is worrying ———->FULL ARTICLE

Nov 102012
Whooping Cough kills 23 children in Colombia

So far in 2012, whooping cough has killed 23 children under 5 years of age in Bogota, Colombia, nearly doubling the number of fatalities from last year ( 14 victims ), it is being reported. The majority of the victims has been in children under 1 year of age, highlighting the danger this disease poses to infants. Pertussis has been making a sort of resurgence worldwide lately, with higher than normal incidence being reported in many countries, which is a worrying development. The causes of the increase are still unclear; partly, the new, acellular vaccine DTaP seems to provide shorter span protection ———->FULL ARTICLE

Mar 012012
Whooping Cough outbreak sickens over 140 people in Canada

A whooping cough outbreak in British Columbia, Canada has sickened more than 140 people since December, prompting Canadian Health authorities to issue a warning. Hotspots  include the Fraser Valley, Hope, Chilliwack and Agassiz areas. If you are traveling to the area make sure you have received your booster shot, and especially if traveling with children make sure they are up-to-date with their DTaP vaccine. Pertussis can be particularly dangerous if caught by a young child, especially a baby who hasn’t had a chance to be vaccinated yet. Related articles Whooping cough spreading in B.C.’s Fraser Valley (cbc.ca) Spread of whooping cough in Fraser ———->FULL ARTICLE

Dec 012011

READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT DIGITALJOURNAL Early this year, 13 diagnosed cases of whooping cough were in Smithtown, New York. As the year progressed, that number would increase drastically to 216 cases throughout the entire Suffolk County. This is the highest number of whooping cough cases reported in the area since 1999. Also called pertussis, whooping cough is highly contagious and can cause serious illness in infants who are too young to be vaccinated with the five required shots. Families with newborns should have teenagers and adults vaccinated also. For Infants and Children: In the US, the recommended pertussis vaccine ———->FULL ARTICLE

Aug 122011
Vaccine Preventable Death - Gavin Norton

Age at death – 10 weeks Cause of death – Pertussis (whooping cough) Vaccination status – Unvaccinated due to young age What happened – When Gavin was born his parents felt “absolute joy — just elation.” Unfortunately that was not meant to last. Gavin was taken away from them by the dreaded killer, whooping cough. When Gavin was 2 months old, the Nortons planned a vacation to celebrate Christmas with family in Utah. To be safe, Gavin’s mom, Natalie, took him to his doctor for a general check up. Gavin was given the green light for the trip. About a ———->FULL ARTICLE

May 172011
Vaccine Preventable Suffering - Kailis Smith

Age at death – 9 weeks Cause of death – Whooping cough Vaccination status – Unvaccinated due to young age What happened – Little Kailis was taken to the doctor with cold-like symptoms, sometime towards the middle/end of March 2011. He was sent home; his parents were told he had a cold. However, things got worse and within a couple of days he had to be rushed back to the hospital. He had stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated twice on his way back to hospital. Kailis was put on life support on March 31st; he was given only ———->FULL ARTICLE

Flash News – 04/24/2011

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Apr 242011

150 sick, 4 childrend dead of whooping cough in Papua New Guinea – Four children have been killed by whooping cough so far this year in Papua New Guinea, according to Ausralia Network News.  The outbreak started in mid-March and has sickened over 150 people. Local health officials say that few children have been immunized against whooping cough in the area. 150,000 children die of vaccine-preventable diseases in Pakistan each year – The reasons why parents do not get their children vaccinated include poverty, low rates of female literacy, poor environmental hygiene and bad governance and lack of accountability in ———->FULL ARTICLE