How low can Meryl Dorey go?

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Jan 162011

Unfortunately, this is not the latest dance craze in the club scene, but it is the latest craze to come out of Meryl Dorey’s mouth, or fingertips to be precise. A recent news story out of Australia tells of a father who took the mother of his daughter to court over the mother’s refusal to vaccinate their child. The judge felt the evidence provided by the father was convincing whereas the evidence provided by the mother against vaccination were “outlandish statements unsupported by any empirical evidence“, you know the kind of stuff the anti-vax folks love to pass around.

When I read the story, the first thing that came to my mind was Meryl Dorey and her I’m-not-anti-vaccine-I’m-pro-informed-choice line of defense. I figured it was a nice twist that the father’s choice was vaccination. Given Meryl’s supposed pro-choice stance I assumed she would be thrilled by this, so I sent the following tweet her way:

See @nocompulsoryvac, I’m not anti-choice; I’m all for this dad’s choice to sue so his girl could be protected #stopAVN

My tweet may have not even registered in the Merylverse, and she might have even seen the story before me, but nevertheless shortly after the never-stopping, anti-crazy force that is @reasonable_hank alerted the pro-health community of the latest Meryl related atrocity. Upon hearing of this story, and I’d love to have been the one to bring it to her attention, Meryl compared the judge’s decision to support the father akin to, get this, rape with full penetration! Rape With Full Penetration! Here is the snapshot provided in Facebook:

Words cannot even begin to describe the insensitivity of this statement towards real victims of rape. Imagine being an actual rape victim, or even worse being the parent of a child rape victim, or even worse being a child who was a rape victim, and reading this mor0nic statement equating vaccinations, an event in a child’s life that is such a non-issue that a lollipop from the pediatrician stops all crying and fussing, with what is probably one of the most traumatic experiences any person can go through. Imagine being a victim of rape and reading that.

She even tried to issue an apology of sorts, but it ain’t much of an apology when you say sorry but I’m still right, now is it?

Meryl’s latest brain freeze shows that she is in fact anti-vaccine, she can deny it as much as she wants but if she thinks that vaccines are as bad as rape, how can she not be anti-vaccine? Isn’t she anti-rape? She must be, therefore she must be anti-vaccine.  She also claims to be pro-choice and when a parent chooses vaccines she goes insane; it appears she is only pro-one-choice: anti-vaccination. Generally I try to give people on the other side the benefit of the doubt, but I have run out of benefits to bestow upon Meryl. She deserves nothing but the harshest, no-holds-barred criticism, and in some instances ridicule.

I do not know what her motivations are; I cannot glimpse intentions from actions but the end effect of her actions is clearly, and unambiguously anti-health. This woman is a danger to public health; she is rabidly anti-vaccine and anti-science. Her actions are a danger to the health and future of our children, and she deserves every bit of the treatment she’s been getting by the Australian media recently, such as when the radio host Tracy Spicer  hung up on her, live on air.

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  5 Responses to “How low can Meryl Dorey go?”

  1. Very well put.

  2. I agree with everything you say, Dorey is the most despicable liar. For more of her lies exposed, readers should go to

  3. She had to look up what the word rape means. says a lot really.

  4. [...] we’re talking rape with full penetration”, even disgusting her own members in an attempt to further cultivate her prison planet vaccine conspiracy. At the time various reports noted of Sipser; The decision shocked [...]

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