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  One Response to “Join the mailing list”

  1. I am ready to do just about ANYTHING to help spread the word about vaccinations. The sad thing is that most parents who are against vaccinating their children most likely will not listen…They are too convinced that these vaccinations will HURT their child instead of HELP them and possibly save their life. It actually angers me to hear of a child that is not vaccinated because this child and their poor decisions can affect MY OWN child. Here is how I know…I actually didnt give vaccinations a second thought. I vaccinated my little boy and didnt really care if anyone else vaccinated their own child/children….I did not know the importance of every child/adult being vaccinated. My opinion changed drastically when my own little boy, who WAS vaccinated for everything that a child needs to be vaccinated for, caught PERTUSSIS (whopping cough) most likely from a child who was NOT VACCINATED. Because my little boy had been vaccinated for this infection (whopping cough) his pediatrician did not test him for Pertussis until he had been deathly sick for nearly 2 weeks. None of the antibiotics she had him on helped. Not even the breathing treatments he was getting all day long, and he did not have the “whoop” sounding cough. It was more like a gagging cough. . After two visits to the ER, She just decided to run the test on a whim. Let me just tell you that to watch my son coughing until he turned blue and looked like he was going to stop breathing NON STOP (this went on even while he slept) was the most frightening thing I have ever seen. At the time we did not know it was whooping cough or he would have been in the hospital. We found out that he had tested positive for Pertussis when the HEALTH DEPARTMENT called us and told us that my husband and l needed to be on a certain antibiotic and get vaccinated IMMEDIATELY. The health department found out and called us before his own pediatrician did. They called his dr.s office and wanted to know everything about us and my little boy. They were pretty shocked to find out that he had been vaccinated for whooping cough as well as all the other vaccs. needed. It took him over a month of antibiotics to get better….He had to see a heart and lung specialist because his lungs were so inflamed from the infection that it was affecting his throat and airway. He had to be on breathing treatments every day….3 times a day with steroids along with another drug for 6 months. Nine months later (presently) he is STILL having lung/throat/airway problems from the whooping cough that he NEVER should have CAUGHT !!! It may affect him for the rest of his life…. I still get so angry that he had/has to go through this when I did everything to try to protect him from something that can make a child so sick and possibly kill them….Someone else’s POOR decision affected US/him. I thought that every child in school HAD to be vaccinated by law in order to attend. NOT THE CASE!!! I was livid to find out that my little boy could and still CAN be in close contact with an infected child. Its possible that he can get this HORRENDOUS infection again (he may have an immune difficiency). I cant even find out which children havent been vaccinated so I can keep my son away from them! What bothers me even more is that his school was not called by the HEALTH DEPARTMENT to see what children have not been vaccinated and then call THOSE PARENTS to make sure that their children arent SPREADING a deadly infection to other children! I dont understand this AT ALL. School just started again and now I will be worrying constantly that he will get pertussis again. I want to find out if there are any children who are NOT vaccinated in his class of 28 students but I have a feeling that they either dont know (dont even ask…..they were clueless about which kids werent vaccinated and didnt even know where to find the documents that stated this information). This infection use to be almost non existent but now, due to parents subjecting their kids to a terrible infection by not vaccinating them (and most adults dont even know they need a booster) is on the rise and now harder to treat. This issue causes me a lot of anxiety and I feel helpless that I cannot protect my son from these diseases/infections that can be prevented by a SHOT. I want to know what I can do to help this issue. My sons life may depend on it…..

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