Vaccine Preventable Suffering



Total death cases found since blog started on April 2010




Influenza (Seasonal & H1N1)



Varicella (Chickenpox)

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  9 Responses to “Vaccine Preventable Suffering”

  1. Why do you only show the number of people affected in recent years? I would love it if you showed how many people died of diseases that are now controllable with vaccines for the last 100 years… to show the parents that don’t immunize their children what vaccines do. It’s been so long since parents worried about these diseases that they don’t realize how frightening and real the threat used to be.

  2. ooops, I just found the mortality rates from the 1950′s. Sorry.

    • Lack of time mostly. As I come accross numbers I post them. Not enough hours in the day to concentrate on gathering more numbers.

  3. I would like to see that (confirmed) statistics regarding injury and death FROM vaccines, so we have a fair comparison.

    It would also be useful to point out (particularly in the pertussis section) whether or not the death occurred in someone who was eligible for the full series. Many of the deaths used to scare people are from children too young to be vaccinated.

    I was very intrigued reading the disclaimer for the site, and was hoping to find actual unbiased explanations as you went on your “journey”. I’m finding the same bashing of people who question the vaccine dogma. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions.

    • Here you go:

      (I suspect that privacy concerns prevent giving you the full information you want, but you are welcome to slog through the US Court of Federal Claims for each and every one of the decisions to get those details. )

      In the last twenty two years there were less than 3000 compensated claims out of several million doses. Most of them from the various forms of pertussis vaccine. But remember it is a comparative risk, because from the CDC Pink Book Appendix G about a thousand deaths occurred from pertussis alone before 1952. Now compare that from the total compensated deaths from all vaccines: 1061 in 22 years.

      • Good resource, thanks Chris. Let us also keep in mind that the 1,061 death number is not necessarily the number of compensated deaths, but the total filed. A total of 5,792 cases were dismissed and some of those could have been death cases, so the actual number of compensated deaths is probably less.

        Secondly, a compensation does not necessarily prove that the vaccine caused the death either, so if we’re looking for the true death rates directly caused by vaccines that number would be even lower than our previous lower estimate.

        • Ah, good point! To figure out which of the reported deaths were actually compensated would require a slog through the US Court legal documents.

          By way of Seth Mnookin’s PLOS blog I have learned that there is a JAMA article on how many people have been saved by vaccines:

          A key quote:

          A recent economic analysis indicated that vaccination of each U.S. birth cohort with the current childhood immunization schedule prevents approximately 42,000 deaths and 20 million cases of disease, with net savings of nearly $14 billion in direct costs and $69 billion in total societal costs.2

          Well that should help put it into perspective!

  4. Also be sure to point that those are only the cases that are allowed in front of the vaccine court. Unlike normal due process, the cases that come before the court have to already fall in to a narrowly defined set of rules. It is assumed you weren’t harmed by the vaccine, unless you can prove you experienced one of the allowed side effects in the allowed time. Again, this is unique to vaccines. If I feel I was harmed by any other product or medication, I can take the manufacturer to court, but not in the case of vaccines.

    We also shouldn’t compare the number of cases to the number of doses, it’s misleading. A case is an individual person, which might receive up to 5 doses of any given vaccine.

    • Except in the Vaccine court the level of evidence is less than is required in a civil court case. If you have issues with it, then bring it up with Barbara Loe Fisher: she was instrumental is creating the system.

      Also, science is not decided in the legal system. If you have any real scientific evidence that any vaccine in the present pediatric system is more harmful than the disease than bring it up.

      We also shouldn’t compare the number of cases to the number of doses, it’s misleading. A case is an individual person, which might receive up to 5 doses of any given vaccine.

      I suggest you take a basic course in statistics, and read up a bit on the history of disease over the past two centuries. Even if you count the five chances with the DTaP, the two chances with the MMR, and on an on. The number of compensated awards is dwarfed by the numbers of people who have received the vaccines, and the number of cases of illness that have been prevented (see JAMA article posted above).

      Again, if you have some real science and real statistics to back up your fearmongering, then please present it.

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